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Wind, wave & weather iGoogle web gadget

What is it?

The Windfinder iGoogle gadget displays wind, waves and weather from your favorite surfspot as observations and forecast on your personalized Google webpage . The web gadget frequently loads the observations and forecasts from You can select your favorite surfspot, the weather parameters (e.g. wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, etc.), and the units of measure (Beaufort, Knots, kph, mph, Meter, feet, Celsius, Fahrenheit) for the display. You can also use the gadget to jump to the corresponding wind report or forecast on the Windfinder website.


Install the gadget by clicking on the "+ Google" button:

If that does not work then log into your account at, click an "Add stuff" on the top right, enter the search query "windfinder" in the gadget search box and click on Search. the first hit should be the Windfinder iGoogle gadget. Click on "Add it now" and then on "Back to iGoogle home". now the Windfinder gadget appears on the igoogle page.


The next step is to configure your gadget by clicking on the "Arrow-down"-button in the blue bar above the gadget. Select a weather station / location for which you want to see wind reports and forecasts. Then you select the weather parameters (wind speed, wind direction, wave height, temperature, etc) and finally you choose your preferred measuring units for wind speed (Beaufort, Knots, meters/sec, mph), temperature (Celsius, Fahrenheit) and wave height (Meter, Feet). then click on "Save" and you're ready to go! Attention: It might occur that for some parameters only reports or only forecasts are displayed or that there is no data at all for some spots/weather stations (e.g. Wave height for an inland weather station).

If the gadget never displays observations then windfinder does not have access to a local weather station. If you know someone who has got a weather station near the surfspot then please contact us. . If someone else or you want(s) to install a weather station near this spot then please read our weather station howto . If you provide us the weather data from this weather station the data will be accessible through the widget and we offer you a free ad banner on

If your favorite surfspot does not appear at all in the weather station selection menu please send us an e-mail and let us know the name and location of your favorite surfspot. We will try to add it.


By default the forecast for the current day is displayed. In order to view the forecast for the next day you need to click on >>. If you want to scroll back, click on <<. The real time wind diagram appears when you click on "report". By clicking on the location/weather station name in the forecast mode you'll be directed to the detailed 7-day-forecast on If you do this in the wind report mode you'll be linked to the detailed wind report on the windfinder website.


At the moment the gadget is available in German, english, French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese and Dutch. The gadget automatically uses your browser's language.